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The Origin of the WhatsApp Logo

At the moment, popular conversation WhatsApp is a mobile application that lets people send and receive short texts over the Internet. This project has not only been a success so far, it is also the realization of the American dream. Last but not least, a poor person who became rich created the service. At the moment, anyone with a portable gadget can get and install WhatsApp.

Background and history

Jan Koum is from the old Soviet Union. He and his mother moved from Ukraine to California when he was sixteen years old. By chance, he ended up in Silicon Valley. During a time when the family was poor, the young boy had to work as a cleaner to make money. He learned the basics of programming in the end.

Before buying an iPhone in 2009, Jan Koum worked at Yahoo! and saw that many mobile apps would become popular quickly. He and Brian Acton, who used to work at Yahoo!, tried to make an app that would help people talk to each other more easily. Many problems happened in the early years of the company, but by the start of 2013, it had more than 190 million users.

2009 – Right now

It’s still not clear where the WhatsApp image came from. It is still unknown who drew this particular sign or what it is used for.

Because it is significant and noticeable, the WhatsApp image clearly shows what the app is for. Despite being criticized for being unoriginal, designers can follow the old path for a reason.

A raised phone inside a white message cloud against a green background makes up the well-known and eye-catching logo for the famous WhatsApp app. The raised cell phone means that the person is ready to talk, and the attractive green background makes it clear that the line is open for business.

Patents cover eight WhatsApp designs, as known. WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp for Android, WhatsApp for iPhone, etc. use different pictures. The Messenger logo is also a style that only Messenger has. This means that copyright laws say no one but the people who made WhatsApp can use the icon for business reasons.

Origin of the WhatsApp Logo

The WhatsApp logo

There is no doubt about what the app is for because the primary logo is a phone receiver inside a text enclosure. The text bubble shows instant contact. Most people agree that this is the most recognizable icon for sending text messages on a number of networks and apps. It means a message is coming in when the “tail” is pointing to the right.

The second sign, the phone receiver, is just as clear as the first. This means that voice and video calls can be made through the app.

The design might look a little too generic. Although WhatsApp is well known, it can still act in a broad way. The picture is simple, but it is easy to recognize because the app is used all over the world.

Different Logos

A light grey line goes around a green bubble that holds a white phone receiver in the standard symbol. The icon can also be used with a green background instead of a grey outline. Depending on the situation, the name of the app may be to the right of or below the icon.

WhatsApp for Business

Large companies can use the WhatsApp Business App to easily connect the platform’s API to their services and automatically send important information to customers through WhatsApp. The API has made it possible for apps that book tickets to send confirmations, for banks to send alerts, and for safe apps to use one-time passwords. Furthermore, this paid function turned WhatsApp into the most engaging marketing channel.

It has to do with the image for WhatsApp Business. Inspired by and using the same style and colour scheme as my main app, with the dialogue bubble showing a white letter “B” for “Business” instead of a white phone handset.


Some versions of the logo include the brand’s name along with the emblem, but the main image only has the symbol. They use simple sans serif fonts and make the edges of the “W” and “A” smooth. It’s worth mentioning that the logo’s creators didn’t use the standard “tech” and “friendly” fonts with rounded corners. The proper use of capitalization is another thing that makes the wordmark stand out. This is an essential part because it makes it easier to read and mentally split the word into two valuable parts.

For the official WhatsApp logo, there are two versions of the famous Neue Helvetica family font that look a lot alike. They are Neue Helvetica 75 Bold and Grotesk Nr 2 SH Bold.

WhatsApp Logo

The color of WhatsApp Logo

The two colours that make up the WhatsApp sign are light green (#25D366) and white. The colour green is bright and eye-catching, and when mixed with white, it makes a symbol that is clean and fresh. For a bigger picture, this is a nice change from the blue color that most social media sites and apps use.

The Level of Adoption of the WhatsApp Logo

Users want their mobile devices to have a simple, visually appealing user experience. Because of this, mobile apps need to have a unique, attractive logo. Given that there are more than 1 billion users of WhatsApp as of 2016, it’s safe to say that everyone is happy with how the logo looks on their phones.

Do not hurt—In the same way, the WhatsApp logo does one of the most important things for a mobile app brand. Recognizable and unique traits are essential for an app’s logo, but it’s also crucial that the logo doesn’t make people want to remove the app from their home screen or, even worse, delete it. The fact that almost one-seventh of people in the world use WhatsApp shows that their logo works well in the user experience of mobile devices.

Since these things are at play, making the image for a mobile app comes with its own set of problems and goals. However, the people who made the WhatsApp logo did a great job, and the logo itself is an excellent example of what to look for in in-app logo design.

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