The Enticing Story Behind the Hero Logo

The Enticing Story Behind the Hero Logo

Hero is an Indian brand that stands for confidence, progress, and strength. Its logo is distinguished by how relevant and lively it is. The stylish and beautiful sign skilfully represents the company’s many sides and the constant passing down of generations.

Hero is the biggest company in India that makes two-wheeled cars. It is part of the structure of the Japanese company Honda Group. It was set up in January 1984 by businessman Brijmohan Lall Munjal.

Background and History

The brand name was used by the company right away after it started. It concerns the English version of her birth name, “hero.” There were two logos versions, each representing the company’s main idea, which is that everyone has a heroic personality.

From the first version of the mark until 2011, when it changed, the company separated itself from the Japanese company. After that, all the visual symbols were wholly altered to match the new name. This happened after the company changed its name to Hero MotoCorp. The new logo, created by the design company Wolff Olins, was shown off in London during a cricket game between Indian and British teams.

The first version had the first letter H turned into a character headpiece for Batman. Heroism is a theme in the second logo, with the English saying “For a hero within” and the Hindi phrase “Everyone has a hero.” Between the two versions, the colour scheme stays the same, with a unique mix of red, black, and white.

Hero Logo

At the start of Hero Cycles

The story of Hero Sprint starts during the early years of Hero Cycles. The four Munjal brothers started the company in 1956. At first, they worked as bicycle spare parts makers in Amritsar, India. At the time, India was primarily agricultural, and many people used bicycles. Because the Munjal brothers saw an ample opportunity in the market, they started making bikes.

At first, they could only make seven rounds daily, which was a minimal amount. However, their dedication to reliability and quality immediately paid off, as more people wanted to buy their cycles. In the 1970s, Hero Cycles was India’s most significant bicycle maker, able to make an excellent 750,000 bikes every year. The organization’s success was due to several things, such as its dedication to customer happiness, focus on new ideas, and ability to keep costs low. Hero Cycles is now an international name with stores in more than 70 countries and a reputation for quality that can’t be beaten.

How Hero Sprint Has Grown and Risen

The rise and success of Hero Sprint can be traced back to Hero Cycles’ strategy focus on market diversification and growth. Together with Honda Motor Corporation, the company set up a joint business in 1983 to make motorcycles in India. Hero Cycles was able to take advantage of Honda’s technological know-how and get into the very successful two-wheeler market by forming this partnership.

Hero Cycles made the Hero Sprint line at the beginning of the 21st century due to the growing demand for high-performance bikes. Indian customers quickly became fans of the brand by taking advantage of Hero Cycles’ strong brand reputation and extensive distribution network.

Hero Sprint is currently working to expand its range of goods and distribution networks, focusing on e-commerce and improvements in technology and design. Hero Cycles’ success with the brand is due to its strategy foresight and commitment to making the market more extensive and diverse.

Hero logo 1984

1984 – 2011

Then, the company was called Hero Honda, so that’s what the first label was made of. They are all red and are set up in a two-tier structure. Each letter is highlighted in a font with lines and serifs that stand out. This strengthens the logo and shows that the goods are reliable, stable, and robust.

A picture of Batman’s hat and the letter H is put to the left of the verbal name. You can see a half-disk of the rising sun below it and three lines further down that are the sun’s reflection in the water. Also, the stripes represent the marks that different types of two-wheeled cars leave on the ground.

2011 – right now

In 2011, the logo was changed to match the company’s new name, Hero MotoCorp. Wolff Olins’s version fits with the modern trend because it is unique in how it is relevant and changes over time. At the same time, it’s a classy and beautiful sign that visually shows how flexible the Indian company is.

The design of the graphic component is both mathematically accurate and thoroughly checked. A three-dimensional projection shows the letter H, but two flat plates have replaced the sides. The connecting bar’s simple form draws attention to generations’ steady but barely noticeable continuity. The sign’s sharp corners also give it life and energy, representing the company’s power, progress, and confidence.

Logo and Symbol

The Hero emblem comprises three geometric shapes grouped in the shape of a stylized letter “H.” On the left is a red parallelogram oriented vertically, and on the right is a black trapezoid placed on top of a black triangle. Overall, the image looks modern and professional because all three parts have a clean shape and sharp edges. This gives the impression of progress and the company’s cutting-edge approach.

Font and color

The Hero logotype has a custom typeface of sans-serif letters with tight lines and exact letter cuts. Red, black, and white make up the Hero emblem, representing the power company’s core values of passion, creativity, and persistence. Red is a colour that means strength, while black is a colour that implies stability and trust. When white parts are added to a company’s profile, they give it qualities like loyalty and responsibility.

The Legends

Hero makes improvements almost every year because it is the best-selling motorbike brand in the world. Hero Splendor, which comes with the innovative I Smart version, is a new success for the company. The i3S system is built into the Hero Splendori Smart. Its job is to turn off the engine after a short time of running, like when you stop at a red light or stand in traffic. When the clutch lever is pressed, the machine starts itself.

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