Twitter's logo evolution, colors, and changes under Elon Musk in a brief journey through its visual identity.

What Does the Twitter Logo Mean?

Since Twitter started in 2006, the way we talk to each other has changed. Since the start of Twitter, we usually stick to 280 characters when using the site. A lot of people flocked to the platform to follow popular tweets, keep up with their friends, and join more extensive conversations.

Since 2006, the company has gone through a lot of changes, which is what this piece will be about. Twitter looks a little different now than it did before because of platform updates, changes in ownership, and a new logo. Continue reading to find out all of the above and much more.

Twitter Logo Mean?

People now think of Twitter as the buzzing blue bird that stands for instant contact and news. Have you ever stopped to think about the story behind something? A fly-through will be done.

The Twitter logo, which people lovingly call “Larry the Bird” after the basketball player Larry Bird, is more than just a cute avatar. People who use the site represent what it stands for, which is protecting freedom of speech. For example, Twitter is like an aeroplane that lets words rise, like an animal flying through the sky.

So why a bird?

There are many brands whose names include animals, and each one does so for a different reason. That being said, the Twitter bird has a meaning that goes beyond its looks. The focus is on what it means.

Think about the fact that birds “tweet,” right? “Tweeting” is another word for what we do on Twitter. The image and the way the platform works go together perfectly!

Where the Twitter logo is set away

Like the company itself, Twitter’s logo has gone through some exciting changes. Sulley, let’s find out where it flew.

The first appearance of the Twitter image, which was a simple font set against a green background, happened in 2006. The famous bird made its debut the following year, with the word “Twitter” written below it. The logo was made up of expressive lettering and an illustration of an animal bird.

As Twitter became more popular, Larry also changed. By 2010, the creature had gone through a process of streamlining.

‘Twitter’ was taken out of the design, leaving Larry the Bird as the only symbol of the group. By making its logo more straightforward, Twitter put more focus on being known all over the world.


When Twitter was first started in 2005, it was called “Twitter.” Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Even Williams all worked together at the recording company Odeo and built Twitter by building on each other’s ideas. The idea was first thought of in 2005, but it took a whole year to turn it into an actual plan. Following the launch of Twitter in 2006, Dorsey sent out the first tweet. Up until 2007, Twitter focused on spontaneous growth. When Twitter raised $100,000 in Series A funding in 2007, it saw a significant rise in the number of people using it.


After the initial rush of new Twitter users, Dorsey quit as CEO. Williams took over running the group. In the years that followed, Twitter used its users and marketing opportunities to keep people interested and grow its reach.

Talk shows, like Oprah’s, were full of instances of famous people talking about Twitter. A NASA astronaut sent the first tweet in 2010 from space. This move again helped Twitter get good press without meaning to. Even so, Twitter went through another change of company in the same year. Instead of Williams, a non-founder named Dick Costolo was chosen.

2008-2010 twitter logo


During the Arab Spring in other countries in 2011, Twitter was the leading social media site for protests against the government. Breaking news was shown for the first time on Twitter, which showed a new way to use the site.

2013-2016 twitter logo


Due to a steady rise in its user base, Twitter started its initial public offering (IPO) in 2013. Twitter saw a slowdown in the growth of its user base after its initial public offering. The stock price went down after this happened, which could have occurred for a number of reasons.

2013-2016 twitter logo


There was a short period of better financial success for Twitter after Dorsey was reinstated as CEO. As the site tried to keep growing, it looked like its only ongoing disagreement was with Trump.


When Dorsey took over as leader, he probably didn’t think he would have to deal with a Senate hearing, an election for president, and a world pandemic. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Twitter was hacked again in 2020.

Before Dorsey came back as CEO in 2021, Twitter banned former President Trump for good. As of now, Twitter’s Chief Technology Officer, Parag Agrawal, has been named CEO. That was not, however, the last change that the group made. Elon Musk owns Twitter right now.


Since he took over Twitter, Musk has had big ideas for how the site will grow in the future. Overnight on July 24, 2023, he did the most important thing when he suddenly changed Twitter’s name to “X” and moved the URL “” to Twitter.

Changes were made to the name and logo to match better Elon Musk’s non-Twitter projects, which are now run by his parent company, X Holdings Corp.

Elon Musk first suggested this new name in April 2023, when he said it would represent his goal to make Twitter a “super app.”

Because of the name change announcement, Twitter (or X) will no longer use its unique blue bird logo. Instead, it will use an “X”-shaped image. The new image has not been officially announced yet.

What Colors Does the Twitter Logo Use?

Because colour can make us feel things, Twitter’s colour design does just that.


The Twitter sign is made in a blue that shimmers. Blue stands for faith, loyalty, and confidence. This colour is soothing and calm, and it’s often associated with depth and stability.

The intelligent choice of blue for Twitter’s colour scheme sends a message of trust and calmness amidst all the noise of updates.

The white

The blue background with the engraved white bird on it stands for youth, simplicity, and purity. It helps to make the idea of clear, straight communication stronger.

The font that was used for the Twitter logo

Even though the bird is still a visual representation of Twitter, it’s essential not to forget how important the font was in its earlier versions.

The easiest way to say it…

The Twitter wordmark was made in sans-serif font when it was first being made. Technology companies often choose sans-serif fonts because they are easy to read and don’t have a lot of extraneous characters. This font embodied the idea that Twitter should be easy to use and open to everyone.

What the Twitter logo might look like

Even though it’s hard to know for sure what will happen, it’s fun to guess what might happen with the Twitter logo.

Larry may also take on a dynamic character since businesses are using it more and more. Vibrant designs that change and adapt based on the situation make users more interested. Larry could change colours, for example, based on how users felt or what was popular at the time. It sounds fun, doesn’t it?

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