Walmart logo 2008 Latest logo

Walmart Logo meaning and history

Walmart logo 2008 Latest logo

Walmart is most successful chain of stores in the world started back in US in 1962.

Logo has been constantly evolved since then.

Current logo(still in use) was designed in 2008 by NewYork based lippincot.

Walmart logo design elements

Logo Shape

on the right side, 6 lines arranged in a circle, narrower ends point inwards and thicker ends goes outwards forming a asterisk, flower, Sun or star. Walmart call it spark.

It represents Walmart friendliness and casual appearance.

Logo Colors

Blue ensures reliability and yellow signifies quality promise, passivity and basic nature.

Logo Font

The font is similar to the myriad pro font, the designer customized the font by narrowing slightly along the curve of A, M, R, T and most of the tips of the letters are blunt and straight line but lower tips of W and A gently curve into a point.

Lower case letters used except “W” to be more casual and less intimidating sign, round and groovy style, simplicity is depicted by fonts chosen.

Overall Boldness grabs the attention.

The overall logo is versatile and workable on giant billboards to small product labels. The casual and friendly appearance will help customers to forget Walmart is a huge corporation while looking responsible and trustworthy.

Logo was successful to achieve company marketing goals.

Logo Influence and aspiration

Walmart changed the logo completely to introduce new brand message.

It wanted to look friendly, youthful, cheerful, approachable and less corporate.

Main goal was to target classy and rich customers while getting away from an company image of cheap products.

1992 -2008

Walmart logo 1992-2008

Walmart logo replaced standard hyphen with geometric star, to create a more exciting logo. It remained consistently in use until the spark logo.

brown color looked outdated, switched it with classic blue color. Navy color was key color in branding for years until 2008 when it was lightened slightly.

1981 – 1992

Walmart logo 1981-1992

They changed color to brown to made them look responsible and reliable.

San-Serif font with classic bold made the logo simple and it was used until start logo.

1977 – 1981

Walmart logo 1977-1981

Blue color has been added to show trust and reliability.

1965 – 1970

Between these years they are tried and used various version of logos but they were never officially used as main logo.

Walmart logo 1970-1975
Walmart logo 1969-1975
Walmart logo 1968-1970
Walmart logo 1967-1968
Walmart logo 1965-1967

1968 – 1981

Walmart logo 1964-1969

Along with first official logo, Discount city mark was developed.

The Discount City Mark wad used in print advertising, on the uniforms/smocks, in stores, Signing, and other things.

However, it was never used as a building sign or in an annual report.

1964 -1981

Walmart logo 1975-1977

Font was replaced and hyphen was added between WAL and Mart i.e WAL-MART.

Company Selected a font known as “Frontier Font Logo” this was the first and consistently used logo.

Black circle background used mention discount city with the logo.

It was survived for nearly 20 years.

1962 – 1964

Walmart logo 1962-1964

Company was founded, the original logo said “WALMART,” without any icon.

Sam Walton names his new stores WALMART by shortening his name to “Wal” and adding “Mart” to define the category of business.

By keeping name short saved him print, billboard and other advertising cost.

The Walmart name was presented in just about any font/style available to the printer. Font used was sans serif in blue color.

Walton believed in a concept of selling at cheap rates which took him far above the competition.

This type of logo used with changes until 1990s.

They dint have any specific color until 1981. they used basic black and white design.

The serif frontier font was used with all capital letters until 1980s.

1950 -1962

Walton's Walmart logo 1950-1962

Walton named his first store walton’s Five and dime, name was changed due to lease of previous franchise expiring. Font used was sans serif in red capital color.

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