Why should Chandigarh University have a Logo Design Course?

“It’s not just a place to study – It is who you become.”

Chandigarh University should have the Logo Designing Course. The fact that it is one of the top universities in India and has a tie up with 150 Top Ranking Universities from countries like Canada, Australia, Russia, UK, USA, Europe, and others makes it one of the most sought after Universities in Northern India. In total Chandigarh University has tied up with a whopping number of 33 nations.

In total Chandigarh University has tied up with a whopping number of 33 nations.The benefits of these tie-ups are Career Opportunities, Cultural benefits, International Exposure, Contacts & Network.

It offers a rich mixture of historic heritage, modern opportunities and contemporary outlook due to its collaboration with the oldest universities in the world.

CU existing Curriculum, Opportunites and Strengths

A University that offers some of the best business and designing course has a very important role to play in the society when they educate young entrepreneurs starting their own companies or working with other big corporates passing out of their colleges.


Chandigarh University has a reputation for imparting quality education at a competitive fee structure that is affordable and offers the best return on Investment (ROI) to the students as well as their parents/guardians. CU’s courses are industry oriented, professional programs in the fields of Architecture, MBA, MCA, Journalism, Engineering, Hotel Management, Bio-Technology. It offers the lowest of fees as compared to other universities in the nearby region.

When we see the list of the courses Chandigarh University offers to 17,000 plus students, it is evident that a knowledge area that has huge market potential is missing from their curriculum. Yes, we are talking about Graphic Designing under which comes Logo and Brand Designing. With the increasing need of Social Media and Digital Space for the success of any business Logo and Brand Designing is one area which is a very prospective course that can be offered to the students before they step out into the real world.

Graphic Design – Logo and Brand Designing

Logo and Brand Designing comes under the tree of a course called Graphic Designing. Having done a Graphic Designing course and studying the art of Logo and Brand Designing, students who pass out of Chandigarh University have the opportunity to work for a Design Consultancy, setting up their own studio, and a degree in graphic designing that opens the door to a range of creative careers.

Job options or opportunities for Students attaining a Degree of Graphic Designing and learning Logo and Brand Designing:

Logo and Brand Designer


Graphic Designer


Advertising Art Director


Production designer, theater/film/television


 Jobs, where the degree of Graphic Designing will be useful, are:


Exhibition Designer

Fine Artist

Landscape Architect

Interior and Spatial Designer

Medical Illustrator

UX Designer

Multimedia Specialist


The 10 reasons to Join Chandigarh University especially for Logo and Brand Designing under Graphic Designing Course:

The reasons that make Chandigarh University stand out as the most preferred destination for students globally are many. The university imparts the students the experience of freedom and independence. All that is required by students is easily available on the campus itself. The facilities are like in campus accommodation, places to eat/drink/sports facilities and entertainment. CU has more than a total of 17000 students who study with them from 20 countries and 30 Indian states bringing together a dynamic mingling of culture, memories, and ideas.

1.Chandigarh University – A Global University with BIG Ideas

Having chosen Chandigarh University when and if they launch a Graphic Designing Course you will be placed successfully in a professional career in Logo and Brand Designing. CU commits to impart excellence in Teaching-learning which is evident as their curriculum is globally accepted, they have the facility of experiential learning accepted worldwide for higher studies, and an open environment with student-centric policies to make the campus convivial for students to live in.


2.Excellent Location:

BBC chose Chandigarh as one of the World’s perfect city to live due to it being India’s Smart & Safest City that boasts highest per capita income in India with world class infrastructure and facilities. Due to all of these the city is emerging as one of the fast growing entrepreneurship hubs in the country. Chandigarh is iconic and the university takes inspiration from its beautiful city to empower the students and teachers for a brighter future.

Students passing from here after doing a Graphic Designing Course learning Logo and Brand Design will immediately be absorbed by the entrepreneurs themselves. This makes it the best place for young knowledge seeking students to benefit if Chandigarh University also includes Logo and Brand Designing in their curriculum.

3.Proven to be a Professional University since Years:

Chandigarh University is a Professional University with a unique and renowned corporate advisory board and experts in technology hailing from industries that are relevant to the curriculum. The advisory board lays the road map for successful prospective careers for every single student who attains a degree from the University. CU Boasts of renowned academicians and senior representatives of Top Multi National Companies (MNC’s) who are forever guiding to make it an industry-friendly system.

When Chandigarh University launches the Graphic Designing Course it will give a boost to the industry in Chandigarh as they won’t have to look at other Indian states to hire Logo and Brand Designers.


4.Return on Investment (ROI):

Chandigarh University differs from other Universities in the region since it has a very affordable fee structure with an additional benefit of offering a variety of career opportunities. CU’s ROI is 6.5 which is highest in the region and can be easily compared to the NITs, IITs and IIMs. With Chandigarh growing as a business center and offering more and more job opportunities the packages are increasing, resulting in a huge growth in Return on Investment.

With such a High ROI a Graphic Designing Course added to the curriculum seems to be the obvious choice to enhance the new entrepreneurs business by providing them fresh ideas in regard to logo and brand designing.

5.High-Quality Campus Placements:

The Placements by themselves speak volumes as more than a whopping number of 425 corporates and companies including top notch Multi National Companies like Jet Airways, Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Allelle Pharma have offered to students packages of international standards. The Packages are up to 24 LPA that in itself is record breaking in the region of North India.

If one studies carefully all the companies listed here also hire from universities who offer students with Logo and Brand Designing Courses and makes it a perfect reason for the Graphic Designing Course to be included in the curriculum on CU.

Why will a company or Industry go to Chandigarh University for providing jobs to students with degree in Graphic Designing (Logo and Brand Design)

As a business owner of an employee, there are various concerns to address in every day running fo the business and one may easily ignore the graphic design need. However if one hires professional Logo and Brand Designers that too from Chandigarh University it helps in taking an integral step in making a successful business move.

Following are the reasons why a Logo and Brand Design is important for Businesses of Multinational who will come to hire fresh graduates or post graduates from Chandigarh University:

Establishing Brand Recognition:

If you hire a Logo and Brand Designer who designs a great Logo, your company’s brand image expands and grows affecting every aspect of your business or company. Logo Designer will target your prospective customer in an attractive and professional manner keeping in mind the functionality of the company. The Logo design will bring an instant connect with the customer or audience in relation to the services that you offer. This can only be achieved if you have a Logo and Brand Design Expert who has expertise gained through a prestigious University like the Chandigarh University.


Unity in Company

A brand image unites not only the customers and brand followers, they also create harmony and feeling of connectedness amongst the employees. The employees are forever surrounded with the stationary, uniforms, Billboard, signage, publications, letterheads, company’s website, car stickers, etc and feel pride in being associated with the brand.

A company’s identity is first built inside the office then only it transcends into the outer world. A good logo and brand designer can definitely help to build and strengthen the commitment between the employees.


It just takes a fraction of a second to make the first impression and this is done mostly by the first look at the company’s logo and is as important as a first firm handshake with the vendor, customer or client. A design of a logo if doesn’t match with the taste and preferences of the targeted audience may result in an instant disconnect no matter how attractive it may be to another client not meant for the company. Hiring a professional logo designer shows how seriously you take your company and how much pride you take in your brand and its design and logo.

Chandigarh University will be able to offer such premium services of Logo and Brand Design to corporates when they add Graphic Designing course to their curriculum.




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