7 Best Traits of Successful Logo Designers in Chandigarh

If you are looking for someone to design your logo in Chandigarh you should keep some factors in mind before you hire a Logo Design Company to do so.

A logo is the face of a Company. It is the first thing that people notice about you when they drive past your billboard or see your Logo on an Advertisement on TV, or a printed version of a newspaper or a visiting card. Sometimes when goods are displayed in a store even before a customer looks at the real product it is the Logo Design that introduces the Company.

Here are 7 Traits of a Successful Logo Designer in Chandigarh:

A good logo designer in Chandigarh works to bring a face to a brand in a unique manner where he integrates all the marketing practices of your brand.

1. Technological Awareness:

Be it Information Technology, Allied or other technical services a designer should be savvy to handle it effectively. A Logo designer should have the knowhow of server specification for websites, rules, and regulations of the web world and have a thorough understanding of various social media platforms. A brand needs to be friendly for the website or phone app so that there is ease of viewership on diverse platforms. The logo should be able to work on multiple platforms and not create a limitation due to the design.

A strong logo design has the quality to be functional that helps it to be translated across various different applications and medium. A logo should be versatile enough to be scaled in any size and designed in vector format. One should be able to work the logo both in horizontal and vertical formats.

The features that one should cross check before giving a go ahead to the logo design as effective:

A logo should be printable in one color.

A logo should be printable in reverse – that is a light logo on a dark background and vice versa.

A logo should be printable on a small size postage stamp and also be printable to a size as large as a billboard.

The logo should be cost effective when printed in the colors it contains. The colors should be in Pantone Color System accepted widely in any part of the world. The logo should be friendly to the commercial printing process.

2. Creativity is the Essence of a Good Logo Designer

Successful Logo Designers in Chandigarh will follow the entire process of design right from starting to understand the background information of the client as well as the brand.

The Brand mission and motive are understood with details of what are the marketing strategies that they are looking at going forward. The designers understand in detail the kind of services or business the brand is involved in – is it a service, concept or product that the brand offers to its clients or users? Is it an international or country specific brand?

A designer needs to study regarding the brand for which the logo is being designed in terms of its image in the existing market or the demographical details in case of a new brand. A detailed study of its competitors is also part of the study. One doesn’t want to be cast a stereotype while designing a logo design.

A successful designer studies the logo design trends. For instance, the current trend in the logo design world is the Web 2.0 style of logos that are 3D looking. The graphics are a little bubbly with drop shadows and gradients.

Here are the main features of Web 2.0:

Colors are BOLD: The colors used by web2.0 are bold, clean and clear. The background is often white or cream in color. The central color scheme is used for enhancement.


Large Header Areas: The logo is to be placed at the top of the website and is to be placed in the prime location for real estate for a brand. Therefore, the large header areas are given to accommodate the logo and advertisement.


Large Text: As the TEXT becomes larger the area where you want to lay emphasis on also becomes highlighted. Larger texts are used in areas of marketing like slogans, sliders, headlines, footers, subheadings and messages to name a few.

Simplicity and Minimalistic: Web 2.0 speaks and breathes simplicity. There should be lots of white space to make it look minimalistic. The overall look should be clutter less.

Gradients and reflections included: The Web 2.0 design features contain ‘image’ or ‘word’ gradients and reflections. The feel is a leaping off the page effect more like a 3D feature.


3. Originality leads to Success

Logos with high-quality should be consistently developed. You will find successful Logo designers in Chandigarh who do not copy other’s logo. Every Brand wants to stand out and not merge with the crowd. It is good for the design team to study other logo’s and even take inspiration from them, as long as they are only an inspiration. There is a very thin line between copying and designing.

There are innumerable Free Logo options or templates for logos available online. Never use these – as there are more people who are using them already. A successful logo is the one that is 100% original.

4.Always keep an Eye on the Objective

A logo is created with the purpose of brand recognition.


How does one succeed in doing so?

Every Brand wants their Logo to be an instant hit with the customers so that there is an immediate recall to the user/non-users mind.

We have enough examples of these kinds like Apple, Nike, Shell, JIO, LIC to name a few. Just the mere sight of these logos makes them instantly recognizable. A whole number of factors go together in making a logo popular. Logo designers have a keen eye on the objective of making the logo recognizable and likable by putting together these key factors: Originality, typography, color, size, and relatable.


There are two common tests done by successful designers to see if their Logo is a success:

Invert the Logo – and see if it still makes sense.

Take a mirror image of the logo – and see if it is recognizable in that state.

The logos are never seen the way we draw them on an A-4 or A-3 sheet or on the full computer screen. They are seen in real life situations like a bus back, a billboard, a symbol on a shopping bag, an emblem on a packing tape, a logo on the label of your favorite shirt. They may be seen from below or above a building, sometimes even as small as the nail of your little finger. A successful designer should always remember that the logo being designed is meant for a real life situation.

5. A Systematic Plan to Design a Logo:

Every successful Logo designer in Chandigarh should follow the ritual of the step-by-step process of developing one’s own design. The steps are as follows:


1.Research and Background Study

2.Generate Ideas and Brainstorm with the Design team and Client

3.First ideas and sketches

4.To indulge in developing vector designs

5.Send or showcase Design to Client

6.Take feedback and make adequate revisions if any

7.Final design to be submitted to the Client

This order is more of less the same – with a step going up and down as per individual needs. These are the basic steps to follow the Logo design process followed by Logo designers well known the world over. The systematic approach aids a successful journey of streamlining one’s work, maintain focus on the objective, be organized, develop quality with consistency.

6. Always be reasonable in pricing your Logo Designs

A successful logo designer will never make the client feel cheated as the price will be reasonable and justified. A team who works towards a common goal of customer satisfaction will always assess the factors like the time required to complete the design, details to be included in the design, turnaround time required by the client.

Quote your fees on the following basis:

a.The amount of detailing required

b.Format kinds required

c.Work quality

d.Turnaround Time

Logo design is not just art – it is a science as well which a good and successful logo designer company possesses. Creativity along with a systematic technique to create a design logo suitable and in sync with the brand’s ideal, products and philosophy are what makes a successful logo designer.

A good designer will keep you abreast with the details of the design throughout the process so that any revisions can be made right then, rather than have last minute differences of opinion.

7. Understand your Audience

A successful logo designer will highly recommend an in-depth understanding of the audience. It is not only about the brand or what the client wants. Brands are about positioning them in the audience in a market where it is accepted.

If the Logo design only reflects about what the company stands for – it will have a disconnect with the audience. The connect has to be both ways with the logo design meeting both the ends midways. For example – a logo designed for a Beer  Company if targeted at the man who likes to polish off his beer mug, loves playing football, is athletic and strong,  thinks he is a ladies man, is successful – would be able to relate to a beer brand logo design that appeals to him.

Make sure, you look out for these characters traits in a successful Logo designer in Chandigarh before you decide to give the project of logo designing in their hands.


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