Unveiling of Dubai Logo

Dubai Logo Design

The word ‘Dubai’ itself has a power and characteristics of an authority, beauty, trading, luxury living, fascinating places, breath taking resorts and marine life. Dubai is known as city of dream, gold, trade and tourism.

Transformation from a landscape of complete desert to a heaven, not only for billionaires but for unemployed people as well, Dubai has engulfed the world by storm. Who would have thought a century back that innovations and a vision will reintroduce Dubai to the world one day exceeding the expectations of the people around the world.

Dubai logo as cultural mark

Moreover, meaning behind Dubai logo informs the audience as cultural logo. Secondly it defines to educate and bring people together. The solid colors of Dubai city logo regards as an iconic in terms of Arabic and Roman traditions.

Logo turns a consumer into a partner

Dubai logo has some kind of history filled with meaning and purpose. This helps tourists to identify the core of hidden perspective from the brand icon. Dubai tourism logo has essential ingredient to welcome a consumer’s decision and turns to become a partner.

dubai logo design

The interactive Dubai embraces wide range of scenery areas, top-notch hotels, serene sandy landscape that gives a unique look merging with a culture deeply rooted in Islamic traditions of Arab.

The two solid colors

The new Dubai design logo incorporates in itself different colors and meanings that reflects the modern lifestyle and combination of traditions. The shades in the Dubai logo signify two solid colors that actually merges two different cultures together.

  • The vibrant blue and purple associates with features of royalty and art.
  • It seems that the Dubai city logo displays a hidden fusion of luxurious entertainment for the tourists and the Emiratis. 

Writing style of the logo

Further, the writing style of the logo ‘Dubai’ is designed including the font of Arabic and Roman. The font of the alphabets describes more than just two nationalities into one logo. The Dubai design logo displays the fascinating outlook of the city which is known as the ‘City of Dreams’.

The merge of cultures into the logo defines the actual value of hospitality, growth, collaboration and trade. The Dubai city logo covers the historical value and modern way into it, basically it welcomes diverse ideas across the globe and openness towards outward styles.

In short, the logo has a captivating look due to its vibrant colors and font that reflects open doors to tourists and travelers. In addition, The Dubai logo conveys a set a cultural value that has made a significant impact on public and tourists’ perception.

The designing of Dubai tourism brand icon evokes a sense of connection between one state and another. In short, it establishes a positive bond between a consumer and company or a tourist and a guide. Basically, Dubai logo reflects as a symbol of commitment and right choice for them.

Dubai Organization for Tourism

According to Issam Abdul Rahim Kazaim the CEO of Dubai Organization for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTTCM),

“The new Dubai Tourism Logo is a series of virtues, values and cultural norms, it also includes the reflection of pre-historic features and present age. The logo as ‘Dubai’ written in the alphabets of Roman and Arabic font that creates amalgamation of diverse cultures and displays Dubai as a city of different nationalities”. 

In short, Dubai tourism logo represents overtness towards many cultures, traditions, rituals, values and norms.

Dubai Organization for Tourism

Romanian Visitors 2019

Moreover, the visual representation of Dubai logo targeted many visitors from different countries and states. In first-three months of 2019, huge number of Romanian travelers’ chose Dubai as their final destination.

Approximately, 29,670 visitors were welcomed in Emirates in 1-3 months of 2019. Dubai Organization Tourism made a unique and specific approach towards the ongoing trade and marketing.

IssamKasim said, Romanian visitors became as the key source for us in order to receive double digit growth in the first quarter of 2019. Within this year it expected to reach its target of visitors that will show an actual amount of success for Dubai logo.

Arabic and Roman alphabets

Further, the vibrant colorful logo made Dubai as the must visit destination to its target audience. The logo has placed a complete justification for the Dubai as being an attractive, colorful and combing to textures.

The alphabets from two different fonts are beautifully craved and splashed into two exciting shades. Adding the name of Dubai into a brand name enhances the quality and value towards the business. The logo presents a cultural representation with extraordinary value of art. 

The Logo Idea

Designing a logo is not a simple task many sketches are designed before taking a final decision. Sometimes the design is rejected due to combination of colors, font or texture. Dubai city logo faced similar issues and decided to come with something new and different.

After many designs the colors as vibrant blue and purple was selected as finest ones for visual branding. Moreover, the logo idea required a lot additional work in order to get the perfection out of it.

Dubai Organization for Tourism developed unique logo combining not only colors but fonts of two different countries. The detailing added in to the Dubai logo displayed it as stunning design with hidden meanings such as collaboration for future with diverse cultures.

Whereas the alphabets represented the fusion of Arabic and Roman traditional heritage. Further, tourism is one the biggest business industry in the world and Dubai Organization for Tourism has taken its turn to serve great hospitality for their Emiratis and visitors around the world.

Dubai-City of Tourism

The main purpose of Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is to set Dubai as a leading city in tourism destination and commercial focal point.

 It is expected to provide preeminent facilities for visitors in order to enhance trade and commerce. Moreover, Dubai is becoming as a central hub that involves tourism service, different cultures and business sector under one dynamic roof.

Every year Dubai takes an initiative to explore more and join different nationalities together. Further, Dubai logo also defines the superlative approach, development and planning to progress tourism in the emirate.

In short, Dubai Organization for Tourism has opened a door for ideas from across the world whereas the Dubai logo itself set the values for collaboration of cultures.

Dubai City of Tourism

Dubai tourism logo

The Dubai logo turned out very well without drenching the gradients while many personal opinions took place:

  • refining the letters
  •  lessen the curve edges because of its doubly pattern

But Dubai Organization Tourism begin its designed logo without any change and scored a great amount of appreciation for using a double language logo in a single mark.

Everyone was stunned at first look of the logo as it turned out not just as a brand icon but with exploration of two fonts to display an image of unification.

According to Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum said, “I want Dubai to become a place where any individual of any culture can meet and greet, as it becomes the center of attraction where world meet without covering themselves into hate, fire of agony or wicked than to see each other with love, peace and have enjoyment”.

Moreover, Dubai Tourism Organization has similar motto to make Dubai as a point for cross culture communication, become more sociable, learn traditions and travel together.

Unveiling of Dubai Logo

The Dubai city logo was displayed at Arabian Travel Market, where Emiratis as well as people around the world got excited to see such a different visual branding icon.

The logo features a single word “Dubai” that turned out not just about one culture but two other culturally effect within itself. The Roman and Arabic font popped out attractively on the board with doubly pattern and two solid colors.

The agenda of Dubai tourism is to meet a great source of expense with expectation of 20 Million visitors by 2020 and becomes world’s most visited city.

Unveiling of Dubai Logo

“The logo is designed in this way to communicate Dubai’s culture essence and its spirit tackle any futuristic challenges”The Department of Tourism Commerce Marketing (DTCM).

Moreover, Dubai city logo develops its place as a part of global marketing campaign and gained immense success across the world. In short, the vibrant logo become ‘one voice’ for business, Emiratis, tourists and travelers.

The voice that travels with the world and at the same time with city of Dubai. It has become as the source of attraction and pleasure for people that feel at peace with the hospitality of Dubai.

In addition, the visual branding is necessary for a business to expand and become popular where it is the important feature to compete with the market value and turns into a rare mark for the brand.

The Dubai tourism logo is a new way of communication about Dubai and a way of looking at how to add value to travelers and business tycoons to Dubai.

The city has its own charm with beautiful sightseeing, legendary nightlife, exotic landscapes, safari deserts and much more dream places to visit. 

Objective behind Dubai Logo

The objective behind Dubai logo is to create a unified marketing efforts, unified brand under one name and identity. Dubai is well reckoned for its name and tourism but turning a city into a brand well that’s something new and valuable occurrence in 2019.

According to HelalAlmarri, the new brand Dubai Organization for Tourism and Commerce Marketing is based on the proposal that,“Dubai is a city where everything turns like a magic and remarkable things take place within less time. Dubai branding has always step ahead with their unique and artful ideas and designs”.

The Arabian travel week was a great success for the tourism agency as well for the visual Dubai logo representation. The main goal was to set inbound and outbound markets in order to provide luxury travel and facilities for tourism.

Dubai logo was also charged as an illegal brand icon. Soon, this charged was cleared in collaboration with Department of Economic Development (DED).

HelalAlmarri is of the view that,

the partnership between Dubai Economic Development and Dubai Organization for Tourism sets a strong position to protect Dubai city logo and its integrity. It was important to work together as to avoid the market problems in visual branding”

Moreover, this act of association of both departmentsuplifted Dubai’s exposure through branding. The director general of Economic Development claims, “it is always first priority to strengthen Dubai’s reputation with all IP rights”.

The clearance made Dubai tourism logo as a competitive business destination and secure travel place. Moreover, Dubai logo maintained its competitive position as trading center as well as asset destination.

International Tourism

With the development of colorful logo Dubai leads the market value, international traveling, tourism, and expanding business within the Middle East.

 In addition, the residence of Dubai includes different people with diverse backgrounds and cultures known as the foreign population. People from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, India and Filipinos are mostly found in Dubai.

Through measuring the foreign population in Dubai, it sounds like a great place to discover and to implement unique ideas. That is why, Dubai Organization for Tourism made a strategy to power up with a single name to come across different people from diverse areas.

Dubai-developing city

Dubai is developing city and the main focus lies upon economic sectors and finance. Although Dubai has hot climate but still people love to settle and travel to enjoy every bit.

Further, tourism is one of the important part of Dubai because it is one of the major sources that maintains economically. Travelling is never neglected or seems as a waste of money as it is an ongoing business that will continue till ages.

Many types of travelling made during a year such as:

  • business deals
  •  family vacations
  • Study tour
  •  job holders
  • tourists and travelers

They all from different regions for exploring whereas Dubai city logo has attracted every area, individual interest tourism and business markets.

Moreover, Dubai is rated as a luxurious place to live in because of its high standard of living and diversity among its inhabitants from various cultures. 

“Innovation is where imagination meets ambition “

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