3d Effect Logo Design-Advantages and Disadvantges

A logo was a two-dimensional symbol representing the brand. But with the increasing demand of digitalization, the importance of logo has not been limited to just brand representation.


It has become an effective marketing tool to advertise your products and services. No matter for which type of industry it is made, an eye-catching logo is always productive for business.

The 3-d effect logo designs are one of the latest trends which are being used in the logo designing in order to add the superior quality to your design. It is a way to make more logo more dynamic and impactful. It helps you to keep your business up to date with the evolving changes in technology.


It is no more the era in which business was carried on by the tri- colored logo. Technology has advanced through years. It is the time of glamor.

The 3d effect logo designs allow the designers to get a chance to include a variety of colors and effects in the logo to make it stunning.


The visual effects help to bring the concept to your design. It adds meaning to your design. Each element speaks for itself thus making the logo eye-catching and distinct than others.

A 3d logo, however, is sometimes avoided due to the cost involved in making it but to be true the cost is worth investing because the after effects of a 3d logo are much more attractive, engaging and fruitful than an average 2d logo.


A real feel which the 3d effect reflects is what grabs the attention of the crowd. These effects can be used for any type of business but its importance is more needed in fashion, style, photography where images clarity and the glamor is involved.

However, it is not always appropriate to use the 3d effect in the logo or make a 3d logo rather than a 2d. Sometimes, incorporating 3d effect does not emerge out well in print mediums. In that case, these effects should be avoided.



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