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Royal Enfield Logo Design’s History

The Royal Enfield image has been changed throughout the company’s history. On the other hand, the current picture shows the name “Royal Enfield” in attractive capital letters that are a bright shade of red. A classic serif font was used to make the mark, which gives it a sophisticated and traditional look. There is a small space between each letter, all lined up in a straight line.

Another exciting thing about the logo is its simple but instantly familiar symbol: a bird flying on top of the letter “R” in Royal. The animal is called a “flying flea,” which is also the name the British army gave the Royal Enfield WD/RE 125cc bikes during World War II. If you look at the flying bug, it represents how quick and light the vehicle was, which made it perfect for military use.

In general, the Royal Enfield logo is classy and understated. The flying flea adds a sense of history and custom. Many people interested in classic motorcycles can immediately recognize the badge in question.

One of the most famous British motorcycle companies, Royal Enfield, has had a significant impact on the history of the business. Royal Enfield was founded in 1901 and has a long and exciting past that goes back over a hundred years.

When it started, the Redditch, Worcestershire-based Enfield Cycle Company Limited sold many goods under the “Enfield” brand name. Bicycles, lawnmowers, stationary engines, and motorbikes were all in this group. On the other hand, the group made its first motorbike in 1901, called “Royal Enfield.” The 239cc engine gave it speed and marked the beginning of a new era for the company.

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The History of Royal Enfield

At this point, Royal Enfield logo design is known for its classic style and strong durability. The same company makes well-known motorcycles like the Bullet, Classic, and Himalayan—people who like riding and like old bikes’ classic look and simple nature like these vehicles.

Royal Enfield has stayed famous for a long time in part because the brand is committed to quality and craftsmanship that are the best. Skilled technicians carefully build each motorbike by hand, ensuring every tiny detail is just right. In addition to using high-quality parts and materials, Royal Enfield makes some of the most reliable and long-lasting bikes on the market.

In addition to making bikes, Royal Enfield logo design also supports and encourages a strong community of fans and devotees. The brand hosts many events and gatherings, and the Royal Enfield Rider Mania is one of them. It’s the biggest gathering of Royal Enfield motorcycle owners in the world.

Background and history

Royal Enfield is an Indian company that makes motorcycles. Its roots are in Britain. In 1851, George Townsend opened a business in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, to make sewing needles. Before the production of bikes and cars began in 1901 and 1902, the company had come a long way. Albert Eadie was in charge at that time.

In 1906, the motor production was set up as a separate company. There were only fifteen months that the business was open. Birmingham Small Arms Company bought the company because it had a significant cash deficit. BSA and Albert Eadie worked together to make parts for bikes, cars, and military riffles. After that, Alldays& Onions Pneumatic Engineering of Birmingham bought the business.

In 1955, Enfield Cycle Company and Madras Motors worked together to open a business in India. This is where the 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorbike was made.

Even though the main business stopped running in 1978, the Indian plant is still very successful in the business world.

The symbol of a logo

The new emblem looks like the old one, but it has a gun added to it. From what the company says, Royal Enfield’s early days were spent making guns. The previous logo showed the canon from the side. The current logo, on the other hand, turns it slightly to face us, though not directly.

The canon and the new crest also have the words “Made like a gun” written, a visual symbol of the brand’s gun-related roots. The updated version includes the wordmark and the writing “Since 1901.”

The new logo looks slightly cartoonish compared to the old one. When its size is decreased, it works a lot more efficiently. On the other hand, it doesn’t have the authentic vintage look of its predecessor. A simple and minimalist design isn’t always bad, but this design doesn’t gain from this approach.

Signs on the seal

The new mark and the old one both have a circular shape. In the last version, “R” and “E” were silver on a black background. The new version has more details. The emblem is a glowing “R” with wings circled by the words “Royal Enfield since 1901.” Not only do these look like wings, but they also make up a double “E.” These letters are hidden, but they are only apparent if you read the press release that the group put out.

For many years, a pair of wings has been one of the most common symbols for “speed.” A lot of motorbike and car logos have attachments in them. It would have been easier to tell the Royal Enfield mark apart from other “winged” symbols if the wing motif had something unique.

The tagline

The 2014 emblem is similar to the one that came before it because it shows the brand name in two lines: blue and yellow. The style is still unique, though. The new logo has complicated, rounded forms and letters that are a little bigger. When you look at the second logo, there is less space between the names and the lowercase letters.

Even though the serifs aren’t as noticeable as they used to be, the type is still straightforward to spot because of the pair of letters that blend, like “R” and “O,” “E” and “N,” and “L” and “D.”


Emigre’s Brothers Bold is the type used for both the crest and the logo. Even though it is a unique and vital variety, many artists have used it to create a vintage or rough look, which makes it a common choice.

Compared to the second one, the first one looked slightly more natural and had a handmade look.

Royal Enfield PNG logo

Different Colors

A yellowish-grey colour, red, and grey make up the three-colour pattern—the colours “rhyme” with the Royal Enfield bikes. For example, the grey goes well with the gold details and the yellow with the metallic ones. The red goes well with the colour of the arrow on some devices.

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