The most famous Louis Vuitton logo

Interesting facts about the most famous Louis Vuitton logo

There aren’t many brands in the world with a past as long and important as Louis Vuitton’s. Louis Vuitton Malletier created this famous high-end living and fashion brand in 1854. It has been the leader in its field for more than two and a half centuries. The brand started out making high-end trunks and has since grown into one of the most famous fashion houses in the world, making unique clothes, shoes, and items for both men and women.

While the company’s success was mostly due to the unique style and high quality of its constantly growing product line, its unique logo was also very important in pushing its high-end brand. The next part will discuss the Louis Vuitton logo’s long history, its meaning, and its basic design elements.

The History of the Louis Vuitton Logo and How It Came to Be

Many people agree that the LV monogram, also called the Louis Vuitton mark, is one of the most famous and well-known fashion logos ever. Louis Vuitton’s son, Georges Vuitton, came up with the idea for the logo by putting his father’s letters on a canvas. By 1896, everyone agreed that this symbol was the brand’s official name. The design, which includes a flower motif influenced by Japanese art, was made to stop copies of the Parisian company’s designer luggage. This famous LV mark is closely linked to luxury, comfort, beauty, and wealth.

This text-based design is made up of the monogram and the whole wordmark. It is used often on Louis Vuitton items’ closures and fabric patterns. The image hasn’t changed much since it was created in the middle of the 19th century, though it has been added to other symbols over time. The wordmark was removed from the official design for some time, leaving only the monogram as its main part.

Regarding the colour scheme, Louis Vuitton uses two versions: a one-colour version that works with a range of surfaces and backgrounds and a neutral colour that looks like gold and represents the brand.

Some versions of the brand’s logo include a stylized flower inside a black rhombus with four long, pointed leaves, and another version has a round flower inside a solid circle. The company uses both logos to show who it is visually, and you can often see them on their unique leather and textile goods.

The “L” and “V” letters in the new Louis Vuitton logo are closely connected but can still be read. The “Louis Vuitton” wordmark doesn’t show up very often.

Important Things About the Louis Vuitton Logo Pattern


The font is, without a doubt, the most noticeable part of the brand. The typeface was first made by hand in 1954, drawing from many famous Roman fonts. It hasn’t changed since its creation. The capital letter L in italics and the capital letter V are overlapping. They both have thick, clear lines and bold, long serifs representing class, power, and tradition.

The color

The official mark is usually black, but the brand uses other colours to match its product lines and branding strategies. A range of soft colours and bright colours like orange and green have been used. On the other hand, the famous brown version of the logo has been an important part of Louis Vuitton wallets for decades.

The soft colour of the logo goes perfectly with the deep colours of the leather. Marc Jacobs created the new logo, which shows the monogram arranged in a geometric pattern with white, pink, blue, purple, and yellow as the colours. Even though they are different and bright, these personalized logos appeal to younger people while still looking classy.

The Louis Vuitton Logo Pattern and the Problem of Fakes

LV is one of the fashion houses that fake goods makers go after the most, according to one source. The fashion house is committed to fighting counterfeit goods because it spends almost half its marketing budget on this cause. The company has taken many extra steps to stop these fake activities. The company has made a signature logo, Canvas, as an example. This design is easy to spot because it comprises the LV logo.

Unbelievable truth

While Louis Vuitton was one of the first fashion houses to put their name on their handbags, other houses quickly followed suit, as the Gucci logo shows.

The signature Louis Vuitton logo is used on a huge range of their products and ads, making it an extremely familiar and meaningful symbol. The logo’s forms and style are old, but professional designers keep updating it for modern prints while maintaining its classic feel. The company has continued to be successful and well-known in the fashion industry thanks to its smart mix of modernity and history. Even though decades have passed, they are still the best company for making high-end bags, suitcases, and clothes.

About the Brand

At first, Louis Vuitton only sold trunks, suitcases, bags, and wallets to wealthy people; it was known for its French luxury goods.

Even though the organization didn’t have a proper logo in its first year, it eventually came up with a unique and stylish one to represent its products.

When LV monogrammed handbags were first released in 1896, they became very popular because actors and other famous people showed off their collections. The brand had an online footprint but couldn’t buy the domain because an insurance company already owns it.

One of the names that is copied the most in the fashion industry. The flowery pattern and signature LV monogram were intended to help stop fake goods. Surprisingly, the group is still fighting counterfeiting.

Things to Think About When Branding the Louis Vuitton Logo

The LV logo may have the following lessons for you, especially if you consider building a strong brand identity.

One good thing about being consistent is that LV hasn’t changed the original logo or flower design very much. A few small changes have been made, mostly to the colour of the font, but designers have chosen to add these changes to goods instead of changing the monogram itself.

Form partnerships that will help your business by working together. Still, make sure your brand stays unique, and your message gets across clearly through the connection. No matter who you work with, ensure they see things the same way you do.

Don’t let bad rumours or hearsay quickly change your mind. Press releases and stories have said that the brand’s customers are tired of seeing the “LV” logo so much because it’s showing up everywhere. But the facts show that they are wrong. With $15 billion in sales every year, Forbes says Louis Vuitton is one of the most valuable names in the world.

Be careful not to follow trends unthinkingly. The idea has been a hit since the famous “B” was painted on the models’ toenails at the Fall 2017 Balenciaga fashion show. People can follow these trends if they help them, but they can also be left out of branding efforts on purpose. Keep in mind that if you use something too much, it may lose its meaning.

The brand is an important part of your business. While it should show off your name, it shouldn’t affect how your website works. The LV website shows the brand name and the LV logo at different times. The goal is to keep the website from being too busy with bright colours and styles. Websites must be easy to use, look good, and work on phones and computers. Keep this in mind as you build your website.

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