Chandigarh Logo Meaning and History Behind It

The moment you enter the city beautiful, you are welcomed by that open hand like figure, the logo of one of the Indian Union Territory, Chandigarh. The city of Chandigarh is dominated by the hand.



This identity of Chandigarh was designed by the renowned Swiss artist Le Corbusier. If you look at this logo, it is an open hand which is one of the mostly used themes in Le Corbusier’s design.


In 1948, he for the first time put forward this Open Hand to the Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru which he wished to be placed in Chandigarh facing the Himalayas.

This paramount logo has an impressive ideology that goes behind it. According to the designer of the identity, Le Corbusier, this open hand holds a clear significance of free to give and free to take.

Since India got freedom only a few years back after which Corbusier decided to design a logo for Chandigarh, the design was made according to the prevailing conditions which required peace and harmony in the newly earned freedom country.




It is the result of the life of study, of struggles, of victories, of defeats. This was the significance of the Open Hand given by Le Corbusier. Open hand symbolizes open and free ideas.

A simple design conveys a big message. An indication of acceptance of new and innovation ideas was his reason behind this art.

Corbusier gave a social message of peace, prosperity, and unity through this sculpture.

A not so known purpose of this logo according to Le Corbusier also marked the “Second Machine Age or an era of Machine Civilization.”

Le Corbusier made almost 200 sketches before this final sketch was designed.



A number of forms like tensed thumb with an outstretched hand, relaxing horizontal palm, the hand of a Modular man like a cocks hell, tree, as dove or crow. Finally, a design similar to a flying bird was considered perfect for the city.

Corbusier sketched this open hand sculpture which would rotate much like a windmill with glorious and vibrant colors as yellow, red, green, and white.

Red and yellow according to him symbolizes vitality, green is considered to be a color of life and growth. White is a symbol of peace and harmony.

He labeled this sketch as “La Fin D’un Monde” which means the End of a World.

Open Hand being the official symbol of Chandigarh, is one of the notable structure. It is at a height of 26 meters from the base ground made up of metal sheets weighing around 50 tons.

This symbol is a trademark of humanity, peace, freedom, fearless, reconciliation stands erect in one of the best-planned states of India, Chandigarh.

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