Best Logo Design Trends 2016

2016 is about to end and we are ahead with 2017. However, before we end up let us recall the logo design trends 2016.

It was an year of simplicity. Logo designers played with creativity in order to maintain balance between the design and the purpose of making it.

Observe the typographic logo which ruled over. Sans serif fonts influenced the people through their evident and simple appeal.


Even handwritten fonts were very common giving an informal look to the logo. Logo designers have brought the past retro style again into power.

Google redefined its logo with the sans serif fonts making it uncomplicated.


The shapes changed. Circle was the most governed in respect of shapes.The geometry of shapes got simpler with the adoption of circle. There were diverse brands of logo which accepted this trend of geometrical change.

Coming to color changes, the trend of ascending one color to other prevailed in this year. Sequential color combinations came into limelight. The different shades were separated using color marks.


This technique was basically adopted to reflect the controlled nature of the challenges that came through.

A yet another evolution of mono line logos were seen in the designs. Logo that were artistically crafted and were flat in appearance like strands of threads.

Negative space functioned positively for the brands. Using negative space in the logo helps to maintain balance in the design following the formula of “less is more”.


Utilizing spaces in the design creatively has a great influence of making the logo eye catching and impressive.

A logo is only regarded as fresh and up to date if its follows the latest trends occurring at the time. I am sure these course of designing will continue to evolve in the coming years making lasting impression on the minds of viewers.

If you still have to make a new logo or revise your previous one, take into considerations these trends and reach your target audience.

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