Worst Logo Designs

Either the best or the Worst Logo Designs are always remembered by the people. We have already discussed the importance of logo previously. Therefore designing logo becomes a crucial process.

Sometimes, it is inevitable to decide the concept that is best suited for the identity of a particular brand. In that case, the logo designers should take inspiration from others instead of designing something that completely deteriorates the image of the brand to dust.

Thinking too different can also be a factor of risk for the logo designs. Designers, sometimes go out of the way in search of thinking out of the box.

Take a look at the London 2012 Olympics.




The design was had the concept focusing on the year 2012. However, his abstract method of converting these number did not prove very well for him.

Bureau of Health Promotion,Taiwan

A mixed and confused reaction was observed for the logo of the Beaureu of Health Promotion, Taiwan. The elements used in the logo was designed to represent care, prevention, and protection.

However, the meaning of 3Ps in Taiwan is completely different. The three P’s are a representation of a three-way erotic relationship in Taiwan. This gave rise to a controversy in respect of the logo.




The designing of a logo is a critical process for a designer. His one faulty approach in the design can sink the reputation of the brand.

Misdesign can worsen the situation in case of redesigning. The years of reputation and trust built by the brand can completely wipe off.

The redesigned identity of Black and Decker, a renowned company producing power drilling tools, is considered to be one of the worst logo redesigned.




The company removed the nut icon present in the logo design. The redesigned logo did not receive much attention. The idea to modernize the logo proclaimed a dreadful impact on the brand.

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