Real estate Logo Ideas:

Whether you are a real estate company covering local areas or you do development as well as management of the property, the starting point to win the customer’s faith is a good and unique logo, that projects itself among the crowded market of developers.

The real estate market has 4 clearly visible sectors:

  • Housing
  • Retail
  • Hospitality 
  • Commercial 

The name and the tagline: 

The very first requirement for a logo is the business name, tagline, and target customer base. Once you have decided about these particulars for your business,  you are ready to launch your custom made business logo.

The real estate logo has 4 main characteristics:

  1. Icon
  2. Typography 
  3. Color scheme
  4. Layout 

The Icon: 

To find a distinctive mark, that could be used as a visual identifier of business is selecting the right icon or imagery. The icons used for real estate:

  • Generic images: houses, rooftops, skyscrapers, windows, doors, keys, gates, etc.
  • Initial: written in a special way, monograms. 
  • Location: used to give a sense of the location of the property (trees for remote, peaceful ambiance, blue waves for locations near to river or sea)
  • Geometrical shapes: squares and rectangles arranged in a way to represent rising buildings. 
  • Line art: house shape using line art.
  • Buildings with currency sign: depicts the company develops commercial properties 


  • It involves font, style, appearance to approach your audience to convey the right message and make it readable in any size. 
  • The majority of the real estate logo are text-heavy.  The bold and all-cap letters convey the strength and longevity of buildings. 
  • Serif and Sans-serif are the most used fonts for a professional and trusted look for the business. 
  • Script fonts are used for high end and luxurious properties. 

Color scheme

It is a very important attribute in the case of a real estate logo as different colors speak to different types of customers.

  • Black and Blue: white letterings on the background of dark colors convey confidence, trust, and professionalism. This scheme is most popular for real estate logo.
  • Green: ideal for promoting growth, nature, and tranquillity.
  • Red: ideal for the customers looking for above ordinary services.
  • Orange represents sunshine and energy. Ideal for locations near the sea beach.
  • Purple: ideal for high-income group costumes.
  • Gold & other metallic colors: ideal for luxury properties.


The layout of a logo is the arrangement of the text and icons or graphics to amplify its appeal to the customers.

  • Icon-left: This is the most popular layout where the icon is much more appealing than the text.
  • Icon-right: The text is the first thing to hit the potential customers and the icon acts as a full stop of the message of the logo.
  • Icon-above: This gives the logo a distinctive triangular look but generally not used for real estate as it is hard to fit in a banner or signage. 

Special attributes for real estate logo

  • A simple and minimalist logo is the new trend for urban, semi-urban residential accommodation. 
  • A short tagline with the name of the business is ideal to connect with target audiences. 
  • Cartoony style is a big no.