Poular Kids Logo Design

We have already taken into consideration some of the creative logo designs from different fields of business. One such important category is the “kids’ world” or  Children and Kids logo design.

Kids are generally associated with vibrancy. Therefore when the designers sketch logos for a brand or business that deals in anything related to children, they focus on making it bright and playful.

Children are innocent and unaware of the complexities of life. This gives the logo designers the freedom to broaden, widen and shift from their way of natural professional thinking and design something that is colorful and full of zeal and enthusiasm.



In order to reflect this behavior of children, designers use colors like red, yellow, orange, green, and purple. If you look at the logo of the renowned toy brand Barbie, it is of vibrant pink color to give it a girly touch.

According to the color psychology, yellow is considered to be the most cheerful color and is often used to denote children.


Whether it is for educational institutes, attire, and fashion, or toys and play, it is very important for the designers to reflect the behavior and the nature of children in the logo. Elements like sketches of kids are used in the Kids logo design to merge with the purpose for which it is being made.


There are a number of children fonts like the wicked mouse, KB dunk tank, which are bold playful bold fonts which completely suits for the logo related to kids and children.


Crayons or colors are generally used by the smaller ones for fun activities. Therefore, fonts like DK Crayon are used for schools and educational centers to represent the different children activities carried out by the school.

In order to avoid the formal or professional outlook in the logo, designers sometimes use handwritten or free writing styles in the logo design.




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