The Burberry Logo and the Background of It

The Burberry Logo and the Background of It

The Burberry Logo and how the fashion house got started.

Burberry showed off a new crest and logo in 2018. The new image, which Peter Saville designed, showed that the company was on the rise again while Riccardo Tisci was in charge of the creative department. In the revolutionary redesign of the Burberry logo, the traditional “Equestrian Knight” was taken out and replaced with the name of the brand written in a more modern, flashy style.

In the new, simple Burberry logo, there is a small “LONDON ENGLAND” written in large letters below the brand name. It looks like Burberry used the same traditional design methods that high-end fashion houses like Chanel, Tom Ford, Fendi, Céline, and Louis Vuitton do.

Burberry’s logo designers also came up with a clever way to make the “TB” monogram by interlocking the names of the high-end fashion houses, Ts and Bs. There will be a lot of promotion with the seal, which is a stunning mix of the famous Burberry beige, classic white, and orange honey. It was in 1908 that Tisci came up with the idea for the monogram while he was looking through the Burberry files.

How the Burberry logo has changed over time

For more than one hundred years, an equestrian and his racing horse have been Burberry’s logo. Even though Burberry’s famous image has mostly stayed the same since it was first created, the company made a significant change in 2018 by taking out the horse from the top symbol.

The Burberry mark has changed a lot since it was first created in 1901. Here are some examples.

The Burberry Logo and the Background of It


The Burberry logo was first thought of in 1901 and had a red symbol placed above a wordmark. The character, who was a mounted horseman with a pike and a shield on his back, took up almost the whole space.

On its shield, the pike was a knitted flag with the letters “B” and “Prorsum” on it for decoration. The text below the logo was written in thick serif fonts and all capital letters, which gave it an authoritative and robust look.

1968 — 1999

At this point, the writing took the thunder away from the symbol. The symbol was tiny and vague; it was just a solid black shadow with no letters or other features. The Burberry inscription was written in the title case, like the primary writing, and had an unclear “Of London” slogan in uppercase below it, also in serif font.

At the moment, the Burberry design looks like the visual identity of a high-end fashion house. It represents sophistication and style, but it also stands for a well-known brand with a lot of history and tradition.

1999 — 2018

The 1999 update improves the logo’s proportions by making the emblem bigger and the text smaller. The wordmark is now shown in uppercase letters using a trendy serif font that looks more like the Bodoni family of fonts, with thin serifs and smooth, silky lines. The equestrian’s white lines have also been added back.

“London” is the only capital letter that is still in the phrase. It is typeset the same as the main text but with thinner lines and a smaller size.

The well-thought-out and stylish logo design shows off the famous fashion house’s best features while highlighting its vast knowledge and skill in making clothes.

2018 to the Present

The new Burberry image, which was made in 2018, represents the start of a new era for the brand. The design shows that the fashion house is lively and forward-thinking and that it likes to both predict and copy current trends, giving the impression that it is young and up-to-date.

Along with the inscription, sometimes the phrase “England London,” which is also capitalized, is used. The word “equestrian knight” is no longer in the brand’s logo, but it is still on the labels and packaging, as well as on the designs of branded clothes and accessories.

Different parts of the Burberry logo design

What It Means

The “equestrian knight” logo for Burberry is one of the most well-known fashion images. It was founded in 1901 and given the Latin name “Prorsum,” which means “forwards.”

Thomas Burberry was the founder and owner of Burberry. He was cautious to protect his business interests. He registered the Burberry mark in 1904 and the check with his name on it in 1920. The review wasn’t added to the inside of raincoats until 1924.

A horse sitting on top of a castle is Burberry’s most recognizable image. The horse personifies beauty, honor, and purity, while the shield stands for protection.

Different Colors

In the logo, the color black stands for the class, strength, and durability of Burberry’s products.


The current Burberry inscription is written in capital letters in a modern sans serif style that looks a lot like Dieter Hofrichter’s Urania Extra Bold typeface. The writing is a beautiful take on the classic sans-serif style. It has strong, clear lines as well as unique cuts and angles.

A Quick Look at Burberry

Burberry is a giant in the fashion world. The company went through a time of heavy replication by competitors after making its famous check design, which put its skills to the test. However, the organization was able to fix its image by smartly hiring new people and taking away licenses that should have been used more. Since then, it has increased.

We are going to look at Burberry’s past, which is like a phoenix rising from the ashes. This is what makes it one of the most famous and well-liked luxury fashion brands in the world.

Start with the beginning of the problem, which happened more than 150 years ago!

The Beginning

Thomas Burberry started the Burberry brand in 1856. He had huge goals, even though he was only 21 years old.

He made gabardine, a very finely woven cloth that stood for freedom in some way. This material, which didn’t get damaged when wet and was used in his raincoats, made Burberry a severe competitor to other brands at the time.

In 1891, the father of Burberry moved the business to London as the brand’s fame continued to grow. It was especially there that his trendy patterns became very popular very quickly.

Important Burberry Patterns

It takes work to build one of the most famous fashion brands in the world. But someone who was motivated was able to do what they set out to do. Thomas Burberry also showed how good he was by coming up with another classic design that was later made the official uniform of the British Army.

What Burberry has been doing in the past

From the trenches of World War II to football stadiums, Burberry’s past is one of the most interesting in the history of British fashion. The company is ready to change direction and face the future with confidence now that Riccardo Tisci is its chief creative officer.

Burberry is the perfect example of British elegance. The brand has a long history and is famous for its trench coat line, which started in 1912. Even though Burberry had some problems in the 1980s and 1990s, it was able to get back on its feet and become a well-known luxury fashion brand in Europe and around the world.

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