Logo Design Types

In the world of the digital era, organizations spend lakhs of money on marketing their products and services and strategizing advertising plans. However, they fail to understand that the strongest tool for advertising is the brand identity.

A striking logo becomes a must for organizations to flourish their business successfully.

Getting an appropriate logo for your brand is not so easy. An identity that speaks for your brands, the values and ethics followed by your company.

Since the logo is the very first impression of your brand, it gives you a golden opportunity to connect with your leads.

Startups usually have a problem on selecting the type of logo which is suitable for their brand. Even established companies feel the need of redesigning their logo according to the prevailing trend.

Here are the five major logo design types for you to choose from.

1) Text or wordmark—This is a completely text based logo having no other symbols other than the brand name. Companies use this type of logo when they want to focus majorly on the name of their brand.


This helps their customers and targeted audience to remember the company easily.However, for textual logos, it becomes vital to carefully select the font which resembles your organization the best.

2)Icon or Symbol— An icon or symbol basically used in the brand identity relates to the company. It is like the reflection of your business.


Customers find it easy to relate the company with their symbol. Multinational brands use symbols in the brand identity as the symbol alone can represent their business without the name of the brand.

Sometimes, opting groundless icons in your logo becomes risky as the viewers are unable to relate.

3)Combination— Major fraction of the worldwide brands use the combination of text and symbols in their logo.

The symbol acts as a reminder and the text makes it easy for the viewers to remember the name of the brand.


Since it includes both the icon and text, a lot of effort goes in designing this type of logo. The designer has to creatively design an icon that represents the brand and the text that is written has to combine perfectly with the icon used.

But this effort is worth putting as it has the maximum chances of grabbing the attention of people and generating leads for you.

4)Emblem— When the text is placed inside the symbol, it becomes an emblem. It is a compact type of logo which appears similar to a shield.


However, designing an emblem logo is a delicate and tricky process. As it becomes difficult to include the brand name inside the symbol,this type of logo is least used.

5)Lettermarks — Lettermarks are very much similar to wordmarks or text based logos except the fact that in letter marks the abbreviated form of the brand name is used rather than the full name.


The initials are written creatively with equal focus on each alphabet. Generally, companies which have a lengthy name like IBM (stands for International Business Machines) use their initials in their logo.

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