Indian Restaurant Logo Designs

Food is something which is enjoyed by one and all. There are a number of food producing companies either selling food directly through groceries or by restaurants and cafes.

The major need of food as made it the biggest industry of the world. Both of these industries have distinct logos which gives their organization its unique identity.

There is a massive variety of food logo designs prevailing in the market to give  a benchmark to your brand. Not only your food has to be delicious, your logo has to be visually appetizing enough for the customers to avail your services.

A variety of shapes, sizes and color are available to design a logo for food related services. Your logo should be such that just by looking at it the customer takes interest in utilizing your services.

Adding juicy and succulent images to your logo compels the visitor to order food. Everyone has their own way of thinking. Some use utensils or palatable food in their logo, others may like to go abstract.

A creative approach is needed rather than just representation.

For example: For a cake shop, rather than just showing a slice of chocolate cake, if you add chocolate syrup with juicy strawberries on the cake, it would not only look delicious but will compel the viewer to buy cake from your shop.

Applying shadow and glossy effects gives your logo a customized and stylish look.  Using tempting colors like orange and yellow for juice brands clearly reflects the purpose of the organization for which the logo has been made.

Consider the logo of Mac Donald’s. This ‘M’ lettered logo is famous worldwide in the industry of food. Just in the first look viewer can recognize its brand.

Always try to include those color, elements and images that is easily identifiable and etch into the viewer’s memory.

Try to imbibe color and images that remind you of food. Mexican restaurants generally prefer red and green chilies to show the spice of their cuisine. Always try to include your specialty in your logo. This gives the viewer’s a clear indication of the specialty of your restaurant/café.

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