Handwritten Fonts

We are girdled by latest trends in every sector of an industry. There has been a rise of finesse, refinement, and grace among the people.

They want to mirror down this same grandeur in their business for which nothing other than the logo can be a better option.

These type of logo involves a lot of trick in it while selecting fonts for them. It has to be kept in mind that the logo is easily readable and also maintains the sleekness of the logo.

Handwritten fonts are a representation of a casual and informal approach. Designers use such this typography script as a tool to reflect elegance, luxury, and sophistication.

Some of the industries which use handwritten fonts are:

Fashion — Fashion is an industry in style changes now and then. Companies dealing in fashionable products, beauty salons, boutiques reflect this modernity in their logo through the handwritten stylish fonts.


Straight and bold fonts are not used since they give a glimpse of professionalism and does not serve the purpose.

Interior Designers — The taste of people is inclining towards modern flavors not only in clothes but also for the interior of their homes, offices etc.


This is compelling the interior designers to design luxurious and stylish homes for their customers. Interior designing is all about designing homes and when your profession is designing, you need to be creative in your first impression.

Kids Store – The approach of kids are playful in nature and have no awareness about professionalism.


The logo of the kid’s store containing kids items like toys etc usually shows this behavior through the use of bright colors and handwritten fonts. These fonts in the logo designs are metaphorically compared to the free nature of the children.

Photography – Photography is a creative profession. It is an art which involves freedom, freedom to shoot images irrespective of place, time and type.


Photography logo designs need to be full of inventiveness. It is further enhanced by the flowing fonts which give the logo an independent and informal appeal.

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