Logo Design Contests- Pros and Cons

Logo design contests offer you the quickest way to get your logo designed. Designers from worldwide participate in the contest. This gives you  advantage to get a variety of designs in the cheapest way.

Logo Design contests

The pressure of competition compels the designers to produce best of their creativity in their design.

Other than logo design contest being the quickest way to get the logo designed, there are a number of other reasons that makes it a better option than hiring a logo designer.

Greater Exposure–Getting logo designed through logo design contest gives a greater exposure and traffic to your company. This exposure is a boon for your company which helps you to get in touch with potential designers and clients.

 Variety of designs–The best part of these contests is that you get a number of options to choose from. There is a variety of designs and thinking.

You shift from your average way of thinking when you come across so many concepts and creativity. However, hiring private designers for your company, you limit the concepts and the ideas .

Cheapest Method– Private Logo designers charge a definite amount of money which makes it an expensive medium to get your logo designed.

On the contrary, logo design contests are much cheaper and appropriate for any type of logo depending on the requirement.

Every coin has two sides. Here is the darker shade of logo design contest.

Best Ignored-Since the most favorite logo design wins, the best design is sometimes ignored. The worst part is that once you organize the logo contest, you have to choose from those designs only. You cannot backstab because that will lead to a bad impression about your company.

Plagiarism–Sometimes designers imitate designs of other designers in order to win the contest. Their may be a possibility that you select that duplicated logo design for your company which can cause legal action against your company.

Risk for your company– For a little cost, you can take such a big risk for your company. Your logo is going to a symbol representing your brand for years to come and it is definitely not a risk worth of taking for your company.

Private designers may cost more but have the superior quality of design. It is because of this reason, brands never organize any logo contests to get their logo designed.


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