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Some Tips on Logo Symbols

For your branding techniques to succeed, it is very important to establish the connectivity between your company and the customer. Logo symbols serve this purpose of brands. It influences branding by and allows the viewers to identify the brand and link themseleves with it. According to analytical perspective, logo symbols can be called as the best […]

Aditya Birla Group Logo Transformed

With more vibrant colors, Aditya Birla Group has refreshed its brand identity. Expanding its recognition to 36 countries and 42 nationalities with a turnover of $41 billion, a need was left to celebrate this phenomenal journey of transformation. Aditya Birla Group is one among the Fortune 500 companies in the world dealing in retail, fertilizers, […]

Some of the Common Logo Misconceptions

  Taking into account startups and small scale companies, they generally regard logos as a sheer wastage of money and time. They fail to understand the actual importance of logo as a weapon of branding and a reflection of ethics. Therefore here are some common logo misconceptions which the faster if removed the better it […]

Five Oldest Company Logo Designs

With globalization, the trend of digital marketing has evolved during years. However, there are some logo designs which still shine globally maintaining its year-long presence. Here are five oldest company logo designs which have maintained its reputed position in the digital world through all these years. Stella Artois  Stella Artois is one of the oldest and […]

Best Logo Design Trends 2016

2016 is about to end and we are ahead with 2017. However, before we end up let us recall the logo design trends 2016. It was an year of simplicity. Logo designers played with creativity in order to maintain balance between the design and the purpose of making it. Observe the typographic logo which ruled […]

Logo Design Contests- Pros and Cons

Logo design contests offer you the quickest way to get your logo designed. Designers from worldwide participate in the contest. This gives you  advantage to get a variety of designs in the cheapest way. The pressure of competition compels the designers to produce best of their creativity in their design. Other than logo design contest being the […]

2020 Tokyo Olympics logo

Tokyo unveils the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Logo. Initially, four designs were shortlisted but even they failed to meet the standard of Olympics and  had Plagiarism issues. The designer Kenjiro Sano had replicated from the previous campaign and used images from the internet. After so many hardships a blend of simplicity and originality was considered to be […]

3d Effect Logo Design-Advantages and Disadvantges

A logo was a two-dimensional symbol representing the brand. But with the increasing demand of digitalization, the importance of logo has not been limited to just brand representation. It has become an effective marketing tool to advertise your products and services. No matter for which type of industry it is made, an eye-catching logo is […]

Kodak New Logo Meaning

It has been a rebirth of the logo of Kodak. The company has relaunched its 1970’s logo updating the positioning of the brand’s name. Having a long and trusted connection with the customers since the year of foundation in 1888, the company has been associated with the imaging technology, tools of graphics, print system, displays, […]

Brand New Snapdeal logo

A B2C online retailing brand, Snapdeal has recently unveiled its trendy new identity along with their campaign Unbox Zindagi. The Snapdeal users seem to be really pleased with this fresh look of the brand. The hallmark has created an extreme hype even on the social media websites. The brand new Snapdeal logo is a modernized […]

Famous Logo Designs Hidden Meaning

The world is submerged under the power of brands. The strength of these brands is represented in the very first look through their logos. Here are some of the famous logo designs hidden meaning. Baskin Robin Baskin Robin is an international brand of ice cream established in 1953. The brand has been serving the world […]

Poular Kids Logo Design

We have already taken into consideration some of the creative logo designs from different fields of business. One such important category is the “kids’ world” or  Children and Kids logo design. Kids are generally associated with vibrancy. Therefore when the designers sketch logos for a brand or business that deals in anything related to children, […]

Negative Space Logo Designs

In the present scenario, where communication is the foremost tool for the successful flourishing of any business, brands leave no stone unturned to generate traffic for themselves. Here the logo becomes a dominant aspect. Designers have used massive trends of art in order to come up with fresh and impressive designs. One such trend is the […]

Olympics Symbol Meaning

The first thing which comes to mind when one thinks of Olympics Symbol is the pentad colored rings. The Olympics symbol meaning and the significance has a historic philosophy behind it. It was 1912 when Baron Pierre de Coubertin got the idea of polychromatic rings to be used as the logo for the modern Olympics. The […]

Best Logo Colors for your Brand

It is human tendency to respond to optical stimuli easily. Each color has its own significance and leave a particular impact on the viewer. Understanding the color psychology and selecting Best Logo Color for your Brand is a major concern. When it comes to brand recognition or brand identity designers have to gear themselves to […]

FIAT Logo History

FIAT today stands as one of the strongly established car manufacturing companies and also the seventh largest automobile maker in the world. FIAT Logo History stands erect since 1899 when this organization was established as Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino(FIAT) by Giovanni Agnelli and other investors The very first logo was designed with a golden […]

Select Best Logo Fonts

The impact of any text is enhanced and deteriorated by the way it is written. Selection of Best Logo Fonts is a requisite process. Depending on the behavior of the business, out of the thousand font styles, typographers use font that matches perfectly for your brand. A psychology goes behind the selection of the font. It […]

Best Creative Logo Designs

Logo design for any brand has to be distinct for walking ahead of your competitors. They act as the reminder for your brand. Simplicity is creativity. Creativity at the crux of any logo is successful in grabbing the attention of the viewer. It does not mean to be intricate. If you look at some of […]

Key elements for Logo Designers

It is a challenge for logo designers to come with something fresh and appealing every time they design a logo. Here are some the key elements for logo designers to keep in mind while designing the logo. Simple— “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” With modernization, people prefer to opt for simplicity rather than tackiness. Using […]

Top Indian Finance Logo Designs

With the economy of the Indian business increasingly rapidly, a major fraction of credit goes to the finance related organizations. With the rising competition among banks and other accounting firms, a standout for the company is very important. A lot of persuasions is required in order to convince people to deploy services from your organization. […]

Engineering Logo Designs

Engineering is basically related to the invention. Behind every new product and new technology  lies the engineer’s mind. Be it any field, innovation is said to be the core quality of an engineer. The world of engineering is vast. The main divisions of engineering are civil, mechanical, computer , chemical, and electrical. Civil engineering is […]

Brand Identity Guidelines

It would inappropriate to call the face of your company as just the logo of your brand. It is the brand identity or the visual corporate image. The famous brands work on Brand Identity Guidelines to design their identity which is based on the Kapferere’s brand identity prism principle. Any company small or big is known […]

Evolution of Instagram Logo

Instagram is a social networking media which allows you share images,GIF-like Boomerangs,videos. Keeping this in mind, an evolution in the logo of Instagram was done. Since its year of the establishment by Kevin Systrom in 2010, the identity of Instagram has been one of the most popular brand identities. However, the founders recently redesigned their […]

Logo Design Types

In the world of the digital era, organizations spend lakhs of money on marketing their products and services and strategizing advertising plans. However, they fail to understand that the strongest tool for advertising is the brand identity. A striking logo becomes a must for organizations to flourish their business successfully. Getting an appropriate logo for your brand […]

Uber New Logo

Your favorite cab service recently changed their logo from a stylish U-shaped to an atom and bits logo. Besides the controversy that encircled Uber New Logo, the founders have confidently mentioned that the updated identity of Uber logo has given a consistency to the design but the major question lies if the new look of […]

Typographic Logo Designs

Typographic or commonly known as Wordmark logos are one of the most desired and demanded logos by the brands of the present time. The organizations want to focus on the name of their brand in their logo and hence typographic logos suits them best. Since the logo has only the brand name in it, the […]

Worst Logo Designs

Either the best or the Worst Logo Designs are always remembered by the people. We have already discussed the importance of logo previously. Therefore designing logo becomes a crucial process. Sometimes, it is inevitable to decide the concept that is best suited for the identity of a particular brand. In that case, the logo designers […]

Logo Redesigning

There are a number of times when you look at the logo of your brand and think why did you opt this symbol as the brand identity. Just ask yourself some of the following questions while looking at your logo Does this logo actually define and represent your brand? Does it convey the message and […]

The Story behind Twitter Logo

It has been a decade of one of the prominent social media networking platform, Twitter. Much like the brand has evolved through these years so has the logo. From the textual logo to a combination of text and symbol and finally to the favorite twittering blue bird. The symbol of Twitter has become one of […]

Handwritten Fonts

We are girdled by latest trends in every sector of an industry. There has been a rise of finesse, refinement, and grace among the people. They want to mirror down this same grandeur in their business for which nothing other than the logo can be a better option. These type of logo involves a lot of […]

Symbol of Indian Currency and its Significance

Among 3000 designs received for the currency symbol of India, only 5 designs got shortlisted. 15 July 2010, it was a proud moment for an associate Professor of IIT Guwahati, Udaya Kumar Dhamalingam, when his design was selected as the present day currency symbol of India.   On 26August 2010, India approved and accepted the […]

Evolution of Mc Donald’s Logo

Mc Donalds has the largest restaurant’s chain in the world. Since its year of establishment in 1940 by Richard and Maurice Mc Donald’s, it has been continuously contributing in the industry of food and drink. The appetizing yellow colored ‘M’ is an eye-catching symbol which is believed to be the attention grabber for the customers. […]

Best Animal Logo Designs

A logo connects with your customers more than the words . In order to achieve this target, you need to creative. One such criterion is the use of animals in the logo. Animals have used in the art since our past history. Humans have been related to animals from the very beginning depending on the behavior, […]

Top 10 Brands of India with their Logo

A list of top 10 brands of India along with the hidden meaning of their logos. 1) TATA — Tata is the largest multinational brands of India firmly maintaining its position among the top 100 companies in the world. The logo of the TATA group has the alphabet ‘ T ‘ symbolizing the brand name […]

Best Sports Logo Designs

An identity is a reflection of the purpose of the brand. It is basically designed to tell the world about your business and what it deals in. Sports has been an industry which has received a lot of exposure worldwide. This gives the industry the need of an appropriate logo to present to the people. […]

Automobile Logo Designs

The automotive industry is considered to be one of the most expensive and dynamic industries of the world. The trends of automobiles and vehicles keeps on changing with latest techniques, features, and outlooks. Style and elegance encircle this industry. For an automotive industry, brand identity becomes an essential marketing tool because of the exposure the vehicles receive. […]

Evolution of KFC Logo

Kentucky Fried Chicken, commonly known as KFC is the world’s second largest food chain, which was established in 1952 by Colonel Sanders with its headquarter’s in Kentucky, United States. As unique its quality so is its brand identity. The KFC logo has undergone a number of changes from its year established in 1952, till present. […]

Chandigarh Logo Meaning and History Behind It

The moment you enter the city beautiful, you are welcomed by that open hand like figure, the logo of one of the Indian Union Territory, Chandigarh. The city of Chandigarh is dominated by the hand.   This identity of Chandigarh was designed by the renowned Swiss artist Le Corbusier. If you look at this logo, […]

Logo Inspiration Websites

A logo is the identity of any profitable or non-profitable organization. It is the emblem which reflects the values, principles, and ethics followed by your organization. In other words, it can be called as a memorandum of your company, which helps the viewer to recognize and memorize your brand. Think about the top brands like […]

Church Logo Designs

A logo is an identity representing any profit or non-profit organization.When it comes to designing a logo for religious purpose or some religious community, it becomes an emotional process rather than a technical one. Church is one of the important worship centers for not only Christians but even all other religious communities. Nowadays, a number […]

Photography Logo Designs

Photography industry revolves around images and images play a vital role in influencing people. Photography may be called as an artistic profession. However, one cannot deny the importance of logo design for this industry. Alternatively, a more creative approach is involved while designing the logo for companies dealing in the photography business. In one of the most […]

Educational Logo Designs

Learning is an art and that art should be reflected in the very first impression of your brand identity. The designs of educational logo speak a lot for the value, principles, and ethics that educational institute follows. From the time the child enters his first academic school, his learning process starts. It is a continuous […]

Beauty Salon Logo Designs

Every industry has its own importance. Beauty salon is such industry in which trend keeps on changing, or can be said as a dynamic industry. People nowadays want to keep themselves updated with the latest trends. Salon owners are well aware of this fact and leave no stone unturned to meet their customer’s requirement. In […]

Transport Logo Designs

The logo, or your brand identity is a very important part of your business and is definitely have to be taken into account before starting any business. Your brand without a logo has no existence. Different industries have different norms regarding the logo. Even each business has it own way of logo designing, defining the […]

Logo Design Process

A logo is not only a small visual representation of your organization, it is the brand identity of your company reflecting its values, norms, principles, and ethics. Your brand identity mirrors the creativity behind your business. The process of logo designing is an innovative process in which a lot of time, effort, focus, and imagination […]

Top Indian Furniture Logo Designs

Furniture is one of widely used décor of any place be it house or a work place. With the advent of modernization, people are becoming more sophisticated. This poise in their standard of living is reflected through the lavish and fine furniture used by them. Companies use convenient and promising furniture in order to show […]

Indian Restaurant Logo Designs

Food is something which is enjoyed by one and all. There are a number of food producing companies either selling food directly through groceries or by restaurants and cafes. The major need of food as made it the biggest industry of the world. Both of these industries have distinct logos which gives their organization its […]

Best Indian eCommerce Logo Designs

E- Commerce industry is one of the most dominant industries of the digital sphere. Competition gives it a higher priority than other industries which further bestows the money- minded business owners with challenges to face up. One of such challenges that embraces them is “logo design of their eCommerce store”. Generally, the clients do not have […]